How Your 1% Can Change The World

You Don't Need to Be Bill Gates or Warren BuffetT to Save a lot of lives with your charitable Giving

When people lack the most basic human needs like adequate water, food, shelter, vaccines or basic health care; even a modest donation commitment can do a tremendous amount of good. Using real donation equivalency data from our humanitarian nonprofit partners, and with the help of our brilliant friend Jake Albaugh, we've made a giving calculator that uniquely illustrates how far a percentage of your income can go to have truly remarkable life-changing and life-saving impacts for those who lack access to the most basic human necessities. Try entering your income below to see examples of how significantly world-changing your generosity can be at various commitment levels.


What Can Your 1% Do in a Year?

want to help fight extreme poverty and injustice?there's no better place to start than right here. 

We've partnered with five amazing, non-governmentalhumanitarian nonprofits that collectively work in 120 countries, addressing the worst forms of human suffering around the world. Providing everything from emergency aid, health care, clean water and sanitation solutions, to refugee relief, long-term agricultural development and legal aid that combats modern-slavery; our recipient organizations are truly working in many (if not most) of the world's toughest places. 100% of donations received from our members (after transaction cost) are granted directly and split equally between these trusted partners to increase their overall capacity and support their work on an ongoing basis. 1% for Humanity takes zero fees from your donations and enables you to support a comprehensive host of urgent humanitarian efforts around the world with one giving commitment.




don't underestimate the life-saving impact you could have through Humanitarian giving

As a percentage of income in the United States, the private sector (individuals, companies and foundations) currently donates just one-tenth of one percent to support international causes of any kind. We don't think this is because people don't care about what's going on in the world or are unwilling to give more in order to help save lives. We believe people simply underestimate their ability to make a tangible difference in the face of overwhelming global crises; and lack the time to sort through the overabundance of giving options and donation solicitations they encounter.

1% for Humanity exists to make it easier than ever for just about anyone (with any level of discretionary income) to commit to global humanitarian giving in a more intentional and sustainable way. We believe long-term, monthly giving is most effective and sustainable for both donors and recipient organizations; and if compassionate people set realistic giving goals based on their values and what they can afford long-term; their commitments can have greater impact

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Header Photo Credit: Tommy Trenchard / Oxfam, Liberia

Sources: OxfamWaterAid, MercyCorps, IJM, MSF, Giving USA, The World Bank

*Note: the calculator above is intended simply to display examples of various ways our nonprofit partners use funds in the field. While calculated results are based on actual donation equivalency data received from our partners; we grant them unrestricted funds which enable them to increase their capacity to respond wherever needed most at any given time.